On February 13, 2010, the Shared Earth Network’s first Earth Care Fair attracted approximately 110 people who participated in events including a Sustainable Style Show, the opportunity to talk with representatives from 13 faith traditions, a silent auction, delicious vegan/vegetarian snacks and fairly traded drinks.

Faith groups displaying how their traditions care for the earth included Christians for the Earth, Temple in the Pines (Jewish), Ravencraft (Celtic Pagan), Meher Baba, Flagstaff Masjid (Muslim), The Journey (Protestant), Unitarian Universalist, Jampel Sungling (Buddhist), Jainism, Northern Arizona Interfaith Council, Shared Earth Network, Arizona Interfaith Power & Light, San Francisco de Asis (Catholic).

There were 26 models in the Sustainable Style Show, ranging in age from 2 weeks to 90 years old. All of the fashions came from second-hand or sustainable sources. The idea was to show that our clothing choices reflect our care for the earth (see Style Show pictures and narrative below).

All tableware used for the events was made of compostable material and was composted by a Shared Earth volunteer.

Almost all the items in the Silent Auction were purchased. Many were made from recycled materials, such as a watering can which was a popular bidding item. Also included were hats and scarves knitted from local llama wool. Paintings, photographs and jewelry by Flagstaff artists were also popular.

Look for an Earth Care Fair in 2011 and plan to attend!

Narration - February 13, 2010

Becky Weber.  Our first model is a Goodwill Hunter!  The Webers have a habit of scouring local thrift stores and second hand shops locally and on their travels.  So, Becky’s outfit today is a recycling version of “Surf and Home Turf”.  The satin oriental-themed top was found at the San Francisco Goodwill Store, and the corduroy skirt was purchased from Savers here in Flagstaff.  Both have the added advantage of being the same color as two favorite foods – coffee and chocolate.  This is a good thing, since it helps to hide the inevitable spills.  Typically the Weber’s clothing donations are divided between Goodwill and the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ collection bins.  Goodwill is wonderful at offering opportunities to those with disabilities and Savers donates to Big Brothers Big Sisters for every pound of clothing they receive.  So exercise those three R’s by donating to and shopping at these fabulous organizations!
Juanita Gillis.   Juanita’s dress was crocheted by her mother in the 70’s. A lot of patience went into this dress – an estimated 200 hours of labor to make it.   The psychedelic blues and greens really come alive with Juanita’s energetic gait.   You will also notice the gold watch pendant, over 100 years old, inherited from Juanita’s grandmother along with the gold flower earrings.  
Karen Appleby.  Karen is dressed to run errands, casually and comfortably, as she is most every day.  It works in Flagstaff!  Here we have Karen dressed in 2nd hand clothes bought at Cedar Closet.  The pants, only $10, are her favorite pants in her closet because they are so comfortable and versatile.  The shawl was a gift and certainly appropriate for Flagstaff winters.  Karen’s eye-catching bag is made from recycled grocery bags.  She took plastic bags from stores, cut them into strips and knit them together to make a reusable bag that comes in handy at the grocery store.  Karen needs only 4 of these indestructible bags for her weekly errands.     
Gina and Cruz Blue.  Up next is one of our youngest and most stylish models.  His name is Cruz and this charming 14 month old is accompanied by his mother Gina and soon-to-be-sibling.  Cruz is wearing an outfit purchased from Maddie & Mo’s.  The 3 piece set includes a pair of khaki pants and an adorable plaid collared shirt that is layered with a green knit vest.  His mother is coordinating with the khaki theme with matching pants purchased at Cedar Closet for $1!  This gorgeous mother-on-the-go complements the pants with a comfortable, gray knit maternity top with attached white blouse.  Gina also found this fashionable maternity top at Cedar Closet.   
Pat Pedersen.  Pat’s 3-piece ensemble consists of a tiered skirt with elasticized waistband in a colorful cat print with matching vest.  The shirt is short sleeved with matching cat fabric trimming the ends of the sleeves.  The shirt and back of the vest are black, and guaranteed to show off cat hair!  Pat’s lovely outfit was purchased at a Paw Placement Rummage Sale.  Paw Placement rescues animals from death row and finds homes for them.  Pat’s outfit may be purchased in the silent auction.
Ryan Stigmon.  Ryan doesn't follow fashion, he creates it!  There is nothing on the runways of Milan or Paris more “Right Now!” than this.  Ryan’s trend setting pants are from a yard sale in Kachina.  His black Perry Ellis shirt is from Goodwill.  The leather vest adds soul and style to the outfit.  It was purchased at Savers.  The jazzy boots are hand-me-downs from Ryan’s father.  This is an outfit that will definitely rock your wardrobe!  
Maggie and George Jobin.  This handsome vintage couple is displaying truly rare attire.  George is wearing an elegant tuxedo, over 50 years old, with a dress shirt purchased at a Presbyterian Church rummage sale.  George wore this same outfit to one of Lucianno Pavarotti’s last concerts.  I am sure that the tux is imbued with the touch of Pavarotti’s sweet refrains.  George escorts his lovely wife Maggie, in her exquisite beaded jacket and beautiful skirt.  Her formal eveningwear is accentuated by her mother’s earrings, which, like George’s tux, are over 50 years old.  George, at 90 and Maggie, at 87, are the picture of charm and grace.
Bobbe Fitzgibbon.  This never-out-of-style winter coat is being modeled by Bobbe Fitzgibbon.  Bobbe’s look is a throwback to Jackie O – understated and classic.  This coat was purchased secondhand right here in Flagstaff and is for sale in the silent auction.  Bobbe’s cap was knitted by Harriet Brown and her scarf was crocheted by Juanita Gillis.  Both were made from locally grown llama wool and are for sale in the silent auction.  

Meagan and James Rockow.  James is ready for a day of skate boarding with his friends.  He is sporting the green retro look with weathered jeans and a long-sleeved skateboard shirt from a cool board shop.  These previously worn clothes from our local Savers store are not only cool, but they help keep his mother earth green and his mother Angie, in the green.  Meagan is a picture of spring.   She is ready for a stroll in the tulips with this spring set, all part of the Savers collection for discerning young girls.  Her capri pants weave together this spring’s hottest combination, orange and fuchsia.  Her capris are paired with a fresh white shirt adorned with orange and fuchsia butterflies that add a pretty perfect flutter to this outfit.  Because this green outfit left some green in her mother’s wallet, Meagan was able to add a touch of whimsy with the fuchsia bangles that tie this whole outfit together.

Gene Hill.  Gene is stand-out attractive in this sporty cross-country skiing apparel that was popular 50 years ago.  The gold knickers with green Argyll over-the-knee stockings were the attire of choice in the 1960’s.  The cotton turtleneck shirt and cable knit sweater complete this outfit made of renewable and recyclable fibers.  Gene’s knickers are for sale in the silent auction.  Surely being the owner of Gene’s knickers is a distinction that someone here is just longing to claim!  Sorry ladies:  Gene is not being offered in the auction!  

Ruthanne Hassing.  Ruthanne’s outfit consists of practical clothing “worn to death” which keeps the model warm while painting in the open air at 7000 feet in winter. It illustrates the Norwegian saying, “There is no bad weather – only bad clothing.”  The straw hat keeps the sun out of her eyes while advertising her political opinions, gardening efforts, and life with a Norwegian.  One benefit of wearing an old hat like this is that others invariably offer to buy you a new one!  For very cold weather the model prefers this hat crocheted by long-time Federated Church member, Mrs. Beamer, and purchased at a Christmas Bazaar.  The windbreaker has plenty of pockets for lip balm, money and keys.  The color keeps hunters from mistaking her for a deer.  It also helped others in a tour group find her in a busy Chinese market since no self-respecting adult in China would wear this color.  It covers a wool blend shirt that is well worn and provides good ventilation due to extra holes here and there.  The jeans are extra large to accommodate long-johns borrowed from the Norwegian and a patch saved from her daughter’s jacket tastefully covers the historical hole created by the barbed wire fence along side the Flagstaff Elk’s Club.  Her friend had encouraged her, “Go ahead, Ruthanne, just jump over.”  The men’s boots are most suitable since they have better traction than any woman’s boots and are large enough to allow the use of extra thick socks, borrowed from the same Norwegian who loaned her his long-johns.  The boots were on sale for $13 about 15 years ago so that’s about $1.15 per year, or 85 cents per foot per year.  The 30 year old purse is roomy enough to hold water, food, toilet paper, compass, whistle, band aids, sun screen, paint brushes, rags, matches, map, small canvasses, Swiss army knife, tent, fire place and an extra horse!

Daniel Stigmon.  This suave, debonair young man shows that traditional can have a hip twist.  His traditional corduroy pants from Savers pair nicely with the hip leather vest, also from Savers.  The hand-me-down cotton shirt is from cousin Cam in New York.  The shirt adds to the urban edge and cool appeal of this modern take on traditional.  

Bailey Cunningham.  Bailey is the picture of imagination and innovation!  There is nothing ordinary about Bailey’s hand-decorated jeans.  She calls them “sharpied” jeans, because the medium of her artwork is a sharpie pen.  The runways in London are going to be taking note of these London sharpied jeans!  This pretty young woman looks even more striking in this bright shirt from Goodwill.  Of special interest to the fashion moguls is the unique handbag, designed by Bailey herself from Kool-aid Jammers.  Move over Prada and Coach – Bailey Cunningham is here!  Bailey’s jeans and shirt are for sale in the silent auction.

Anna Whorton.  Anna’s clothes are for the genteel set.  The 100% wool kilted skirt is in the Ferguson Tartan pattern.  The fabric is woven from wool harvested annually from sheep which are then turned back into the fields to live contentedly while producing another fleece.  Wool, a highly sustainable fabric, is one of the most widely used fabrics in the world.  Anna’s dark green wool jacket, sure to be a favorite in Flagstaff winters, was purchased at Cedar Closet.  Her blouse and shoes, purchased at Savers, have that brand-new-just-gotta-have-it look.  Anna’s hat from Saver’s in Phoenix and her distinctive bag, knitted from hand-dyed recycled yarn, complete this refined look.  You may purchase Anna’s hat and bag in the silent auction.  
Georgia Duncan.  Surely Georgia, you are at the wrong fashion show.  Your outfit is so stunning it’s hard to believe it is second-hand!  Georgia is wearing a chocolate brown ensemble with suede cloth pants, a cotton-nylon turtleneck sweater and a lined tweed cotton-polyester blazer with suede collar and pocket flaps.  The first two items came from Cedar Closet, a thrift shop for the Assistance League.  The blazer is from Savers, the retail outlet for Big Brothers-Big Sisters.  Georgia, smart woman that she is, bought her outfit at Savers on a Monday “dollar day”, for a total purchase price of $3.00.  Georgia is a classic and she likes classic clothes.  When shopping she likes to find items that coordinate with her existing wardrobe.  Thrift stores provide these choices while protecting the earth.  Georgia especially likes the large selection and good organization at Savers.
Jeanne Bret.  Our queen of the prom is wearing a rayon teal gown, accented by its deep collar of ruched fabric.  Jeanne purchased this gorgeous gown at Savers for $7.00.  Her shoes are from St. Vincent de Paul and her jewelry is either made by her sister or purchased at Goodwill.  She looks like royalty at a peasant’s price!  

Lilly Zelenka.  This young, blonde beauty is as cute as a button in her black pants and purple swirl shirt.  Basic black and purple swirl never looked better than when complimented by Lilly’s pink jacket and glittery Hello Kitty sandals.  Lilly can be proud to wear this charming fashion statement to school or on a play date.  Lilly was very happy to contribute her allowance for the purchase of her outfit at Savers and Madie & Mo’s.
Jed, Renee, Meredy and Blair Schenck.  [Jed and Renee together, followed by Meredy and then Blair]  Looking like a page out of GQ, Pastor Schenck is comfortably stylish in his previously-owned corduroy sport coat, shirt and slacks, all purchased at Goodwill for a total price of $12.00.  His attractive wife Renee is sure to turn heads in her tailored knit vest and corduroy skirt purchased at Goodwill for a total price of $8.00.  Daughter Meredy’s casual outfit consisting of a hand-me-down shirt from her sister and levi jeans from Goodwill, do nothing to mask her beauty or charm .  Her hand-knitted hat, scarf and change purse were crafted by Harriett Brown and Juanita Gillis with locally grown llama wool.  You may purchase Meredy’s accessories in the silent auction.  And daughter Blair takes the red carpet exuding true Hollywood glamour. Her gown is a hand-me-down from Rachel Davis.  It was previously worn as a bridesmaid’s dress, yet could be worn for any formal occasion.  This is an exquisite gown for an exquisite young woman.

Ari and Brittain Davis
.  Our last model is our youngest model, braving the runway at 2 weeks old!  Ari Davis is sporting a shapeless, white pair of overalls just begging to be stained with pureed carrots.  The hand-me-down overalls are a gift to Ari from his uncle, who wore them about 20 years ago.  On the front of the overalls you will notice a blue dinosaur-giraffe hybrid donning a classy red bow tie.  Completely useless, yet adorable infant sneakers cover Ari’s feet, while a blue knit hat with the word “football” covers his head.  “Football” probably denotes Ari’s role in the game!  The shoes and hat are second-hand vintage.  All 4 of Ari’s grandparents are here in the audience for his debut performance, and we believe they must have had something to do with his impressive sense of style!  Ari is accompanied by his dad, Brittain, who is reluctantly donning a button-down beige . . . no, wait, eggshell . . . or maybe off-white . . . no, definitely cream colored shirt and khaki pants that really make a statement!  Well, a boring statement, but a statement!  You can spice up this outfit with a festive holiday tie, or in Brittain’s case, an adorable baby boy.  As for sustainability, the shirt and pants are indeed used . . . once, so far, because Brittain does not like to dress up.  He is thrilled to donate his outfit to the silent auction and speed up the process of second-handing his khaki’s!  It’s the least he can do to help protect the earth.

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