Earth Sunday Talk - Animals in the Koran and Hadith
Dahamane Mahamane article sharing the peaceful view of Islam toward animals and the creation.

Earth Sunday Talk - Jewish Beliefs on Environmental Responsibility
Lanny Morrison on: The Jewish view on environmental responsibility begins with the land and humanity's relation to it.

Earth Sunday Talk - Christians who care about the environment
Mick Heny speaking... "For our Christian religion to be relevant and transformative we need to make it clear that we are not meeting the moral and practical challenges of our time if we are satisfied with "holding even" on our environmental impacts."

New Book: Celebrating Divine Presence: Journeys Into God
Nine followers of various world faiths, including six Flagstaff authors, share their spiritual journeys in a new book on religious diversity.

Al Gore's Climate Project
Shared Earth Network member, Sherry Golden, represents Northern Arizona in Al Gore's Climate Project Training for Faith Communities.

Earth Ministry's 16th Annual Celebration of St. Francis: Creation - Care Sermon Contest
"Keeping the Sabbath to Keep the Earth" sermon wins contest

The Blessing of the Animals
Article in the Love Street Lamp Post from Los Angeles, edited by Dina Snow Gibson


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