Some of us worship in a synagogue, some at a shrine, some in a church, some in the quiet shelter of the pines on the San Francisco peaks.  We take different paths in our journey to discern God in our lives.  We call God by different names.  But we all watch the same sun rise and set.  We share the same planet.

As people of faith we can unite together for the good of our shared  earth.  It is our faith that may enlighten, deepen and strengthen our moral conviction to act as caring stewards of the earth.  To this end we have created the Shared Earth Network, a city-wide, faith based environmental advocacy network.  Our mission statement announces that "We recognize that sufficiency and sustainability lead to an abundant life for all.  The mission of the Shared Earth Network is to bring transformation by uniting people of faith to advocate for environmental sustainability."

We pursue goals and projects that involve both transformational and transactional change.  Transformational change invites us to change our attitudes - to visualize what a sustainable world would really look like, explore fresh questions and  live in hope.  Transactional change invites us to change our actions - to do the small practical things that protect the earth.   

Our work will link people of different faiths and different denominations by inclusion in an email network to share information, events and action alerts.  Some of our other projects will include sponsoring an annual workshop on faith and environmental sustainability and starting a Creation Care Fair where members can share their activities, programs, information and ideas.  We will also organize a prayer chain.
Already, we have participated in the following Shared Earth Network Events:

National Day of Prayer
Provided information to the attendees of the interfaith prayer gathering at Federated Community Church on May 7, 2009

Earth Day Celebration
Provided information on the Shared Earth Network, demonstrated making sustainable tote bags from plastic grocery bags and old HS tapes, provided environmentally friendly games for youngsters including milk carton toss and soda bottle bowling and sold sustainable coffee and tea products on April 18, 2009

Earth Hour 2009
International effort to turn off the lights worldwide for one hour on March 28, 2009

Blessing of the Animals
Shared Earth Network sponsored a “Blessing of The Animals” on Saturday, October 4, 2008 in Flagstaff Arizona. They asked “Faith Leaders” from the community to literally bless animals (pets) that the community brought to them.

City of Flagstaff - Recycling Awareness Campaign
Tammy Bishop, the City of Flagstaff Environmental Program Assistant, enlisted the aid of Shared Earth Network in recruiting volunteers for the City of Flagstaff - Recycling Awareness Campaign conducted June 16, 17, 19 and 20, 2008.

Solar Oven Cooking Workshop
Solar Chef Lisa Rayner, author of The Sunny Side of Cooking, shared her knowledge of the year-round method of cooking that is low cost, powered by sunlight, non-polluting, and easy to do even in college dorms, apartment balconies and off-the-grid locations. It is solar cooking! The event was held June 7, 2008.

Lightbulb Exchange
Exchanged energy efficient CFL's for regular light bulbs in public schools in coloboration with the City of Flagstaff and APS in April 2008

See more Events Here!

Our participants include representatives from the Muslim community, Christian protestant and catholic churches,  Buddists, Native Americans, Sikhs and others.  We are seeking participants of all faith traditions.  We believe that we can learn from the truths of different faith traditions and combine our efforts for greater impact.  We hope you will agree with us that, "A person of faith does not ask if it is worth his while to turn off one unnecessary light bulb or recycle one throwaway jar; that is indeed part of what defines him as a person of faith:  the belief that little gestures are worth his while in spite of any evidence to the contrary." (Garret Keizer)  We hope you will join us in our effort to turn little gestures into big steps toward environmental sustainability.

Please read the Introduction & Invitation Letter from the Shared Earth Network!

For more information please email us at info@SharedEarthNetwork.org

To join the Shared Earth Network, please contact us at info@SharedEarthNetwork.org


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