Nine faith communities participated including Catholic, Jewish Reformed and Jewish Orthodox, Episcopal, Unitarian, Baha'i, Sikh, Living Christ Lutheran, and Federated which collected the most books!

This means that we saved 21,000 gallons of water, 10 cubic yards of land fill, 75 average sized trees, and electricity for an average home for 18 months! 

Our Flagstaff telephone books are taken to Phoenix and recycled into insulation.

Congratulations Shared Earth Network!

Shared Earth Network’s
Recycle Telephone Books Project
May 1st – July 31st 2010


Did you know?

When you recycle 500 telephone books, you save:  7,000 gallons of water, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 17 to 31 trees, and enough kilowatts of electricity to power an average home for six months!

Did you know you can opt out of receiving your future telephone books?

Go to
http://www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org or http://yellowpagesoptout.com

For More Information:

         Email:  info@sharedearthnetwork.org
         Telephone:  Tish at (928) 606-0882


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