Earth Hour 2010

The March 27, 2010 Earth Hour Event was the largest of its kind.

Millions of people world-wide cast their votes in support of the Earth,
urging world leaders to take action to fight global warming.


Find out how to get involved and let your voice be heard.
Learn More About Earth Hour Here


  Shared Earth Network invited everyone to turn off their lights for one hour from 8:30 - 9:30 pm local time on Saturday March 27!  With your lights off for an hour you will create an opportunity to pray or meditate in your own faith tradition.  This is one suggestion for a way that the Shared Earth Network can bring spiritual energy to the environmental advocacy work of Earth Hour.  Another suggestion is to join the prayer chain on www.sharedearthnetwork.org and share prayers for Earth Hour.  Surely, this can be transformational!
You will be joining millions of people who are making a global statement of concern about climate change and demonstrating a commitment to finding solutions.  The Shared Earth Network has signed up for Earth Hour and encourages all our members to sign up as individuals.  Go to www.earthhourus.org to sign up.
Earth Hour began in 2007 through the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund and the city of Sydney, Australia. 



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