Al Gore's Climate Project
Shared Earth Network member, Sherry Golden, represents Northern Arizona in Al Gore's Climate Project Training for Faith Communities


Al Gore has created a slide show from his film “An Inconvenient Truth” to reach faith communities.  Working with The Climate Project he organized the first training workshop for the new faith-based presentation, inviting faith leaders from diverse Christian faith traditions, and from all across the U.S. as well as several foreign countries.  This first Faith Community Training was geared toward the Christian community, but future sessions will include leaders from diverse faith backgrounds. The attendees were nominated by recognized environmental activist groups, with 125 attending the first workshop.  The leaders represented the gamut of Christian denominations from African Methodist Episcopals to Mennonites.

The local chapter of the Sierra Club nominated Sherry Golden to attend.  Sherry is a member of the Shared Earth Network, and affiliated with the Federated Community Church of Flagstaff.   Her nomination was the result of Shared Earth Network working with leaders from the Sierra Club to participate in the City’s CFL exchange program.

The four day workshop in Nashville, Tennessee was led by former senator Al Gore.  He explained updated scientific findings supporting the need for immediate action to combat global climate change, as well as the religious basis for supporting such action.


Sherry is looking for opportunities to present the new slide show to the faith communities of northern Arizona.  If you are interested in bringing the presentation to your faith group, please contact Sherry at sherrygolden1@aol.com or by telephone at 928-214-7250.

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