Earth Care Fair

Saturday,April 9, 201, from 9:30am-1:00pm
Federated Community Church, 400 W. Aspen, Flagstaff, Arizona

Sponsored by:  Shared Earth Network

The focus will be on the Transition Initiative because Shared Earth recognizes the importance of Transition’s invitation to develop resilient lifestyles on the local level in light of the reality of peak oil and climate warming.

Join us for an exploration of the spiritual dimension and the call-to-action of the Transition Initiative, tabling by groups ready to answer the call-to-action of Transition, sustainable Silent Auction, free vegan lunch cooked in solar ovens, and music provided by two very talented young men. John Borman, NAU student, will sing and play his guitar.  Ryan Stigmon, high school student, will play the piano.

The program will consist of a brief presentation to acquaint everyone with the Transition Initiative. Friends of Flagstaff’s Future’s Transition Action Team including Lisa Rayner will do the presentation. Brittain Davis will then present the results of his discussions with faith representatives about their faith’s response to Transition from within their tradition and as a
call-to-action. Brittain’s work is sponsored by the Ann. T. Foster Visiting Scholar Fund at Federated Church.

Faith traditions with representatives in this project to explore Transition include Catholic, Christian Protestant, NAU Christian students, Jewish, Muslim, Baha’i, Buddhist, Meher Baba, Celtic Pagan, Navajo, Self Realization, Unitarian, Jain and Mormon. These representatives will be at the Earth Care Fair for informal discussion with those attending.

This is a free event!

For More Information:

         Email:  info@sharedearthnetwork.org
         Telephone:  Tish at (928) 606-0882

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