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Creator God, in honor of the trees I climbed as a child, bless all the trees, the branches and the leaves to your Glory. Amen


Lord, help us to be good stewards of the Earth and walk gently upon it. Amen

3. This world, Rolled into a sphere, Packaged in sunshine, Gift-wrapped in love, Given to us.  Thank you!

4. Creator God, for clean rain that falls and waters the flowers that bloom this time of year in this part of the beautiful world. Amen.

5. God's creative Spirit in each and every gardener. Blessings on their love. amen.


Thank you, God, for the tomatoes that I pick this day and the harvest of the earth. Amen


Amen... "so be it"Holy Creator, for the Earth... amen, amen, amen.

8. May Yahweh Wind be as the Spirit blows across the land and sea and bless it all.

9. Dear God, bless the clouds that dance over our heads. From whispy white, to thunderous black, to towering shades of grey. We are thankful for the cool shade, the rain that falls and the perspective it gives to us.

10. To God be the glory and to You we give great thanks for the change of seasons, the signs of nature, the laws of creation and the beauty of change. Thank you for this new month of September.

11. Creating God,expressing, expanding, realizing, recognizing and knowingbursting forth in all that issmiling and laughing all the wayone with everything and in everything,Help us know our magnificant participation.

12. Thank you God for seeds,for all that they are,for all that they will be,for potential,for hope,for faith,for future,for life.Thank you.


Gracious God, Give us faith and hope for the darkness, for the void,and for the nothingness. Give us a sense that even in the "blank" is something of great significance. The mystery is just as much a blessing as the "stuff". May we trust and find peace in that which we do not understand or see. Amen.

14. God, help us to know the little things of life. Help us find time to gaze at those small things in our world that you cared about enough to create even though they are small. May we take the opportunity to feel the rough stone in our path, smell the fragrance of the flower, hear the bird in the tree, see the shadows on the ground, and taste the sweetness of the fruit.

15. Blessings for the Sabbath day, a time of rest. God bless the time we take to appreciate your creation. amen

16. Lord God, help us to look around with eyes open to see and appreciate the beauty of the earth and sky today--bridging earth and heaven.

17. Lord, we pray that we will remain open to the guidance of God in all aspects of our lives.  May we treat Mother Earth with deep respect and gratefulness for the gifts she gives to us each day.  Amen

18. From Psalm 104 (Psalms Now):  "You created and destined humans to be your children and co-workers in the ever-continuing process of creation.  Your creative activity has never ceased.  It continues in and through the life of creature man."

19. My prayer is for people to see the need to change the way we live so that earth and its inhabitants can heal and thrive.

20. Sabbath Day. Day of rest and reflection Day to be aware...of a quiet day, of what God is revealing through nature,of what God is is saying inside of us. But inside of us there needs to be faith and nature needs to free from our mistreatments to reveal authentically the God of Creation. Give us the resolve to let nature be nature. Happy Sabbath.

21. Holiday, Holy Day, Extra day of thanks. Bless the people that have some time this day to rest. Bless the people who still work today. Bless the people who call Earth home.Amen

22. Sunshine, Energy light, Life glow, Creator creating, Spirit expressed. amen

23. Forgive me for not believing creation stories that made sense to people then. But thank you for what I see and know and believe this day when I look at this beautiful world.

24. Corn moon What a beatiful evening reminder that at night you still are in our midst. Shalom.

25. Huge thunderous plumes of storm clouds rise and huge gusts of wind whistle through pine and huge oceans of waves that land upon the shore and huge black night skies full of awe inspiring stars and huge expansive space that reaches beyond our comprehension Huge is my thanks to You.

26. We were separated from our families as very young children when people came and destroyed our homes.  Some of our neighbors were buried alive.  Some kind people took us and gave us a home with them, but we would be happier with other prairie dogs than with humans, who can't talk to us in our language or let us dig in the dirt and run across the fields and grow up to find mates.  We pray that humans will have compassion on prairie dogs and all living creatures.  We pray that humans will treat the earth with respect.

27. Prayers, prayers? When the words won't come, O God, I just step outside. Gratitude and hope for this creation overflows! Everywhere are constant reminders of our abundance. Even in the most unfortunate place, the elements are there... just waiting to be cared for by us.

28. God bless the people that put a voice to the needs of our planet and speak up for environmental issues. Every part of our creation has, in its own way, a unique way to express life and love. But it the human voices speaking for creation that I thank God for this day. Amen.

29. God, you are a pulsing presence. You express Yourself in trillions of way at all times. Help us "be" in the presence, of the presence, and the presence. May we find peace there.

30. I pray for the pray-ers. When I know there are other voices joining with mine with faith and hope, I feel that I am part of a greater community praying for our earth. This is greater hope. God bless the earth. And may each person praying for the earth be blessed. Amen.


In honor of the Great Lakes that surrounded me as a child, I pray for all lakes on earth. For cool water, shimmering surface light, refreshing breezes over the mass and childhood fun of swimming, boating, fishing and gazing on its beauty... this I ask for your blessing. In thanksgiving, I pray. Amen

32. Dear God, I need your direction and guidance to help me find my unique gift and way to help this beautiful earth. Is it what I can do or what I can create or what I can communicate that will make a difference? You are the creator. Help me create action that will help our world. Amen.

33. I pray for our leaders to have the courage to do the right thing, to create policies backed by sound science. I pray for the citizens of this nation to contemplate their impact and change their lifestyles to reflect awe and respect for the earth. I pray that hearts and minds be changed.

34. Walking under the stars on a clear dark night I sense the peace for which the world was created.Grace us to feel how precious, belovedbeautiful to behold your creation is,  from the creatures in the very darkest depths of the ocean to those on the highest mountaintops and beyond.  You called it good and gave us dominion over it.  Grant us to see that dominion is not domination.  Grant us to see that wherever we go we walk on holy ground.

35. Great God, thank you for air so clean and crisp that on this day I can not breath in enough of it. How grateful I am for the air where I live. I am so thankful. I also pause to ask your  blessings for people in the world where the air is dirty, polluted and dangerous. Help us all live so the air may be made well for all. Amen.

36. I pray that my grandchildren and their grandchildren will see the beauty that I have seen in my lifetime and that somehow Homo sapiens will be able to limit reproduction to provide equity to our world.

37. PRAYER FOR WISDOM:  My prayer is for people to find the time to have interest, dialogue, read, research and make informed decisions when it comes to how we care for this beautiful earth. Creator God, may your wisdom be part of our decision making. And, when we don't know the facts, help us keep our mouths closed so we don't share ideas that may actually harm our world.

38. As thankful as I am for the season of the time, my prayers of thanksgiving and anticipation are for those seasons yet to come. As I thank God for the autumn that is about to be, the winter with the hope of peace and the spring of pure delight. The coming of seasons is the message of hope, and for that I thank God.


Forgive us for our trespasses on this earth. In the adolescence of our existence, may be soon be the wiser.

40. God of all, faiths of every profession have their creation stories to read. As we shift through the truth in them all, we find that you sent forth life and love and matter. This earth of ours, no matter the exact way you brought it into being, is marvelous. Thank you!


Shared Earth, Shared Abundance!


Mindful choices for the Environment are Spiritual Acts!

43. Our prayers to the water of the earth.... stream, lake, ocean, river, waterfalls, ice cap, and tide pools. Liquid life.

44. Dearest God You who are Light, Life, Logos...Forgive us our damnable excesses, arrogance, greed and lust. We value our independence over community, our conveniences over the sustainability of our lives on this world. Quicken us again by your Divine Spirit, for it is in you that we live and move and breath. Open our eyes to see you in all your works. Impel us to change while there is still time to save this verdant earth and the greater number of our fellow creatures. Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy. Amen.

45. I ask that God continue to work in each of us to help preserve Earth's animals and plants


In the silence of the starsIn the quiet of the hills.In theheaving of the sea.Speak Lord.  (Celtic prayer)

47. God of All Creation, with a humble and grateful heart I lift my prayers for planet earth, it inhabitants, its ecology, its over all environment. May those who have the capacity to make conscious choices, make them with a heart for a better future. Inspire everyone to do more -- more than they currently are doing, more than they even think they can do -- to make things better. Amen.

48. Lord, Thank you for watching over all animals, who are our companions, while we are on earth. Amen.


I pray that climate change will be reversed. In the Creator's name, Amen

50. Heavenly Father, help us remember that all you have given us is a trust to be cherished and preserved for future generations. Open our eyes to see life's interconnectedness to every other part of the earth; our minds to hear your voice in all of nature; and our hearts to commit ourselves to actions that will show we are truly caretakers of this beautiful world. Grant wisdom to the world's leaders so they may act for what is right - not for what is profitable or expedient - so all the world's inhabitants may continue to revel in the beauty and bounty you have so graciously provided.

51. O Creator God, you made this world and declared it good.  We pray that you will instill in us the desire to keep it good. Amen.

52. Development of more green jobs, consequently affecting mother earth.

53. That we may teach our children mindful stewardship of the earth and lead by example

54. It is in the beauty of the Earth that I see God.  I pray that our generations will pass along a healthy planet to our children.

55. Dear Lord, Help us become good stewards of your amazing creation.  Help us make sacrifices we may need for this cause.  Amen

56. Please protect our earth and preserve our resources.

57. Creator, Please bless our earth and help people have knowledge and respect for it.

58. Prayers for health for the earth and all upon, inside and over her.  May all be infused with Love Now and forever.

59. We pray that we may succeed in reversing some aspects of climate change.

60. Heavenly Father, We pray for the beautiful earth!  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.


May our love spread out to all our fellow residents of the Earth.

62. Our kind heavenly Father, we thank thee for the earth and ask thy blessings on it.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

63. May all beings come to see the unity of creation.

64. We pray for those below, above and on the waters.


On the Earth - let peace prevail!

66. Help those people who are willing to teach others so through the years our world can live.


Bless our earth with healing acts and thoughts and words so that future generations can live here with her in harmony, love, balance and kindness to all living things.


Father please help us restore and bring harmony to the earth.


Bless and keep our planet.  Help us be better stewards here and now.


May the beauty and joys of the creation on earth grow and prosper.


Heavenly Father, I just ask that those in control are truthful and honest in what they preach.  Amen.

72. Lord God:  Thank for sharing this beautiful area with us this day.  As the clouds gather, Father, we pray that we can see the beauty and abundance of your Love and Grace.  Heavenly Lord, as you are patient with us your children, also Father show us your strength and compassion for those who love you and have faith in you.  Amen.

73. Holy Creator, In honor of the trees I climbed as a child, bless every tree, every branch, every leaf to your glory.  Amen.


Father, I just pray that seniors and the poor will not be hurt by the cap and trade bill.  Amen

75. To love the least


For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies!

77. Gracious Creating God, bless this earth we call home!


Clean water in the future


Open our eyes Lord to see your beautiful creation and recognize our part in keeping it safe and lovely.

80. O loving Creator, help us to understand that our relationship and responsibility to creation is one facet of our image of you.  Heal, restore and preserve us so that we may heal, restore and preserve the earth you have entrusted into our care.  Amen.

81. Prayers for those who are dealing with addictions

82. That all  life would be considered sacred and special in God's sight

83. I pray for safe drinking water for all, and the ministry of Healing Waters International.


For blue skies and green plants, we give you thanks O Lord.

85. Dear God, help us to remember to reduce our consumption, reuse what we have, and recycle what we no longer need.  To your glory.  Amen.


For those who are in need of healing - mind, body and soul.

87. In God's mercy and kindness, may he continue to "bless this nation - to be a blessing", so that we may continue to bless this earth.

88. For the beauty that God gave us to appreciate - may we do better at keeping it that way.

89. Let's pray for safe drinking water for the Earth.  Let's pray that people awaken to the problem and join together to find common solutions.

90. For the beauty of the earth we thank thee . . . for the damage we have caused, we ask forgiveness.

91. Peace and guidance from our leaders

92. I pray that we all take care of our tiny part of the universe.

93. May we learn to live in harmony with the earth as the lichen show us a symbiosis of mutual support and need of the other.

94. May God's children use this earth wisely to show off God's love.   May we find ways to restore what we have damaged and learn to love all we've been given.

95. That God would show us ways to protect his creatures and keep things in balance defeating Satan's influence here

96. Help us to be born again to the beauty of the Earth you created for us and let our great love of its gifts to us prevent us from damaging or hurting it.

97. Lord of sun and lady moonBright at night and bright at noonSee my offering, hear my callLord and lady, guard us all.

98. The only thing we have to fear on this planet is man.

99. The ways are two: love, and want of love.  That is all.

100. My prayer is for the balance of the earth... in it's seasons, it's purpose and it's beauty. May each of us be a part in balance keepers.

101. God of green and yellow and red this day, I thank you for the fall season in my part of the world. Amen.

102. Help us to remember the interconnectedness of life where what is done in one place affects the whole structure.

103. Help us to join together to bring about a life where people and the rest of nature can live in harmony and preserve our Earth's abundance for future generations.

104. Behold a broken world, Lord guide us to mend it. Amen

105. Lord help those who try to make thing better, make good come of all their efforts.

106. I add my prayers that day.  I will be driving to Phoenix and offering a rosary during that time.

107. Creator, Breath your life-giving spirit into each of us that we may serve your will and take actions needed to clear earth's atmosphere of excess CO2.

108. Prayers for the children of the earth who deserve to know creation is it's fullness of God's goodness. Help us to bring balance here on earth for our children. Amen.

109. for the air we breath, the wind that blows, the breeze that refreshes, the spirit that moves around us and within us.Amen.

110. God--we've already passed 3 of 10 environmental "tipping points" that will spell disaster for our Earth.  Help us keep from passing any more.

111. May we grow in love and concern and action for our fellow human beings.

112. Today I prayer words of thanks for beauty in the world. In the most desperate situations, if you look closely, you can find beauty somewhere.... and, from that, have hope.

113. Prayers for technology.... prayers of thanks for the technology that makes things better and prayers for the technology we need to make things even better for us and the earth.

114. The sky is a nod and in that limitless gesture, change is no longer solely seasonal.

115. I am ready for an ambitious, fair and binding global climate deal.  I call on world leaders to pass climate policies grounded in the latest science and strong enough to get us back to 350.

116. Thank you for the dedicated people in Phoenix who are baking 350 cookis in a solar oven to be given away at the Phoenix Zoo.

117. Listen for Flagstaff church bells at 3:50 PM on Saturday October 24 as a symbol that we need to keep the level of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350.

118. Thanks you for these wonderful warm fall days in Flagstaff!

119. Listen for the imagery of the natural world in this old Irish lullaby:  Baby's boat's a silver moon sailing through the sky, sailing 'or the sea of blue while the clouds go by.  Sail baby sail, far across the sea.  Only don't forget to said back again the me.

120. May those who do the work of bringing sustainablity to our society have energy, strength, and hope for their work.

121. Thank you for the joy that our dog and cat companions bring us.

122. Our horses bring joy to our lives.  May we bring joy to their lives.

123. I saw a deer at the edge of the road today.  What a gift!

124. Starry skies above, verdant earth below. Thank you creator!

125. May our hearts be filled with compassion for every creature of creation!

126. I pray for the leaders of all faith traditions that they will grasp the importance of caring for creation NOW!

127. Prayers for Earth Ministry in Seattle, WA, as they study Caring for All Creation:  At the Table on October 24.  As part of their 350 event, they will have a potluck of food and drink produced within 350 miles of Seattle.

128. Prayers for the 350 project of the Seattle Center Foundation .  People will be arranged to spell out 350 which will be photographed from above at 3:50 PM.

129. During this week which is Wolf Awareness Week, I pray that the reintroduction of Mexican Gray Wolves in AZ and N.Mex. will find new directions for success.

130. Traditional Navajo song:  It is finished in beauty.  In the house of evening light.  From the story of evening light.  On the trail of evening light.  O, House God!

131. Navajo prayer for homecoming:  Beautifully my country to me is restored.  Beautifully my fields to me are restored.  Beautifully my house to me is restored.

132. Around us are sacraments of hope great and small:  the night sky full of creative fire, the migrating geese, the promise-rich crocus of early spring, the serenity of sleeping infants.

133. The universe reveals your presence everywhere, Holy Mystery, in everything awesome and elegant and true.  Love exists, and attraction, and beauty, and desire, great invisible forces that permeate our milieu.  You must exist, Source of Everything, and we rejoice in the ultimate challenge of that mystery.

134. Our task must be to free ourselves .. .by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the world of nature and its beauty.

135. Longer than memory we have known that each animal has its power and place, each a skill, virtue, wisdom, innocence - a special access to the structure and flow of the world.

136. Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.

137. An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.  We must speak to save them.

138. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

139. In thanksgiving for the beautiful fall colors, cool breeze, and smell of leaves--and in the hope that that will inspire us to protect the sky and water and earth.

140. And God saw everything that He had made, and found it very good.  And He said:  This is a beautiful world that I have given you.  Take good care of it and do not ruin it.  It is said:  Before the world was created, the Holy One kept creating worlds and destroying them.  finally He created this one, and was satisfied.  He said to Adam:  This is the last world I shall make.  I place it in your hands:  hold it in trust.     Jewish Prayer

141. Help us to practice discipline in using the things of the earth.  For example, we can fast from shopping, contribute money and time to ecological works, endure the inconvenience of running an ecologically sensitive household and conduct business with an eye to the green bottom line as well as the red or black.

142. I pray for clean water for all humans and animals.

143. I pray for stabilizing the population of humans and animals and distributing sufficient food for both.

144. I pray for our political leaders to enforce strict environmental standards to clean up pollution and our atmosphere.

145. I pray for the wealthiest individuals and countries to re-prioritize how they spend their wealth, so the 2 Billion people living on no more than $2 day can live more comfortably.

146. I pray for peaceful solutions to conflicts that are exhausting resources and destroying the lives of people and animals.

147. We are part of the universe You have created. We ask Your help as we work to take care of your gift.

148. I pray for NASA to consider cutting back some expensive space exploration until problems on Earth can be addressed.

149. I pray for the US Govt to take a serious lead on focusing technological advancements on solutions for sustainable energy.

150. theck yoo for a sckay (thank you for a sky) from Sparkle, age 6

151. Help in keeping trash picked up

152. Light for things to grow

153. I pray for all middle-class and wealthier Americans to give more generously of their time and money to come up with solutions to eco-justice concerns.  And to realize that paying more taxes for acceptable programs is OK.

154. Wind to help blow leaves for our trees

155. more trees

156. For blue skies and green plants we give you thanks, O Lord

157. Clear skies to enjoy sunsets

158. I pray for the majority of Americans to live more responsibly, to ensure that future generations are not burdened by our foolishness.

159. I pray for the strength and resolve to work towards fixing the environmental problems I am praying about.

160. God of the sparrow, God of the whale, God of the swirling stars, How does the creature say Awe, How does the creature say Praise

161. For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies, for the love which from our birth over and around us lies, Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.

162. Out of the earth, I sing for them.  A horse nation, I sing for them.  Out of the earth, I sing for them.  The animals, I sing for them.    Teton Sioux Chant

163. Apprehend God in all things, for God is in all things.  Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God.  Every creature is a word of God.  If I spent enough time with the tinest creature - even a caterpillar - I would never have to prepare a sermon.  So full of God is every creature.

164. But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee, and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee.  Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee.  And the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.   Job 12: 7- 8

165. I pray that we turn our exploration efforts to understanding our oceans, and perhaps developing efficient methods of de-salinization to provide clean drinking water.

166. BUMPER STICKER PRAYER:  I love our country...but I think we should start seeing other people.

167. BUMPER STICKER PRAYER:  Insatiable is not Sustainable.

168. I pray for our president to let the world know that the American Dream is actually a nightmare.  We were wrong, and no-one should try to achieve that dream.

169. I pray for the safety of our president, and for his ability to create positive change for our global environment.

170. I pray that we can learn to see that the eating of meat extiguishes the seed of great compassion.

171. I pray, and I believe, that it is part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals.

172. I pray that we can remember and honor Revelations 7:3..."Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees."

173. I pray that we can learn and honor these words by Rabbi Moses ben Maimon: "It should not be believed that all beings exist for the sake of the existence of man.  On the contrary, all the other beings too have been intended for their own sakes, and not for the sake of anything else."

174. I pray that the younger generation has enough hope to try and make our world a better place. Hope is very important and we all should try to pass in on. Amen.

175. Prayers for the vivid, gorgeous colors of this season here in the northern hemisphere. What a delight! thank you, amen.

176. Even though they eat my plants and weaken the foundation of my yard, I pray for the creatures that now are building safe havens and gathering food for the winter. May they sleep well and endure the cold to come. Amen.

177. I pray for this week of good intentions through out the world. May all the efforts of 350 bring such an amount of positive thought and good actions that we can make a difference in the world. Amen.

178. May we all become aware of the need to respect and care for our earth and our universal home.

179. Lord Bless this planet Earth you have given us to watch over and protect.  I pray for education and presence of mind to repair the damage we have done.  Give us the strength to change.  To be the good stewards you have asked us to be.  In your name .......

180. We are all the leaves of one tree and the fruits of one branch.

181. Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals, especially for animals who are suffering, for any that are hunted or lost, or deserted or frightened or hungry, for all that must be put to death.  We entreat for them they mercy and pity and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassioomn and gentle hands and kindly words.  Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

182. Warm breezes across the winter sky, the birch trunk shedding its skin, ice beginning to give beneath your feet -- It's alive, alive beneath the stillness, under the frozen surface of the pond, in the moss-webbed rock, alive!

183. I danced in the morning when the world was begun, And I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun, and I came down from heaven and I danced on the earth; At Bethlehem I had My birth.  Dance, then, wherever you may be.  I am the Lord of the Dance, said He. and I'll lead you all, wherever you may be, And I'll lead you all in the dance, said He.

184. May all beings know peaceMay we be healedin that our healing will be part of the earth's healing.May the light of truth overcome all darkness.

185. If St. Francis were here, he would tell us that all creatures are our brothers and sisters because we have the same Father.  He would tell us to respect and care for the water, the air, the wild creatures, the land, the sea, and each other.

186. Father we thank thee for the night and the pleasant morning light, for rest and food and loving care, and all that makes the day most fair.  Amen

187. Father we thank thee for this food, bless it to our use and us to thy service.  In Jesus name we ask it, Amen.

188. By a conservative estimate, in the last quarter of the 20th century, twenty percent of all living species have become extinct.  When these creatures, these magnificent plants and animals, large and small, go extinct, they never come back again.  We are killing birth itself, wiping out the future of fellow creatures who took millions of years to evolve.  Forgive us.

189. The Bible affirms the goodness and intrinsic valvue of all living things; and it contains the mandate that we treat the natural world with care and respect.  God, help us!

190. We cannot live harmlessly or strictly at our own expense; we depend upon other creatures and survive by their deaths.  To live, we must daily break the body and shed the blood of creation.  The point is, when we do this knowingly, lovingly, skillfully, reverently, it is a sacrament; when we do it ignorantly, greedily, clumsily, destructively, it is a desecration and in such desecration we condemmn ourselves to spiritual; and moral loneliness and others to want.

191. If we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, then the range of neighbors now includes the entire community of life.

192. Pray for the Citizen's Advisory Committee as they revise the Flagstaff Area Land Use and Regional Transportation Plan.

193. May we all reflect upon the sustainability of our life styles.

194. Praises for the two adult and three baby deer who walked through my yard yesterday.

195. Prayer for abundant clean drinking and bathing water for all families, in adequate supply for crop growth and sustenance.

196. Creator of all, who filled the world with beauty: Open our eyes to behold your gracious hand in all your works; that, rejoicing in your whole creation, we may learn to serve you with gladness; for the sake of him through whom all things were made, our brother and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

197. Thank you for the intelligence, sweetness and love in my dog's eyes.  Thanks also for his occasional hilarious obstinance.  Let's work towards a world where all domestic animals are warm, well-fed and secure in their worth.

198. Blessing for prairie dogs being trapped and relocated:Ah little dogs, Your friends are making prayers for you, Your friends are singing your praises. We honor your work:  burrowing, raising fat babies, feeding hawk with your bodies.  We thank you for your rich soil and thick grass, for the circle of lives.   In your new home we wish you this again.

199. Blessing for captured prairie dogs leaving for their new homes:Blessing little dogs on your journey.  May the comfort of home travel with you.  May you leave this cage in good voice and good health.  May your sharp eyes keep you safe in the new place.  May the hawks and coyotes be fooled by your migration.  May the badgers be taken by surprise.  In your new home may you find your companions, sanctuary, seeds.

200. Blessing for relocated prairie dogs upon release in their new home: Wishes for the New LifeMay this ground be your homeMay your relations arrive soon and thrive with youMay your children grow fat and livelyMay you be in good voice and good healthMay the new dangers be clearMay your life be good. May your death feed the hungry.

201. Lord,Remind us of the beauty of Your earth, that its responsibility rests in our hands.  Give us a vision of walking with You in the original garden, prompting us to wake up to the ecological situation we live in today.  You first loved us, so we must remember to love all Your creations.    Amen

202. I pray for all the animals at the Humane Society that someone will adopt them.

203. Thnak you for the no-kill animal shelters.

204. Dearest Lord,Your glory astounds ...  it is reflected so clearly in the majesty of the mountains, the intoxicating smell and sound of the forest, the breath-taking beauty of each new dawn.  Your power to create amazes...  environments so diverse and widespread, symbiotic relationships that sustain and nurture each other.  Your tender love is awesome...  to create with such power and such beauty, only to entrust its care to us...  we who tend to neglect our responsiblities and destroy without thought...  We who choose to love You, despite making such poor decisions involving Your creation.  Fuel our amazement and wonder, drive us to make the changes Your earth needs.  Amen

205. Please, Lord Help us feed the starving childrenIn the world.

206. Lord,You can do anything.  We are lucky if we remember that we belong to You.  Help us to praise You rather than pollute Your creation. Amen

207. Help us to makek simplicity, moderation, discipline and a spirit of sacrifice part of our everyday life.

208. Help us to makek simplicity, moderation, discipline and a spirit of sacrifice part of our everyday life.

209. Let us remember that the order of creation requires mutual interdependence.

210. Make us aware tht greed and selfishness, both individual and collective, are contrary to the wellbeing of all creation.

211. Help us to be determined to consume less as one step in supporting our environment.

212. Make us aware that being environmentally aware in our own communities, as well as reaching out to neighboring communities, will bring about a common good for all.

213. Today my prayer is for the warmth that everyone needs to be comfortable... where ever they may be. May we in sustainable ways find heat when we need it, warm water when we need it, warm and dry clothes and warm food to give us strength. Thank you for the warm from the sun. amen.

214. In the silence of devotion time, I can imagine the energy from those that pray for the earth giving creative force for the well being of the universe. Amen.

215. Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds

216. Let the warmth of the sun heal us wherever we are broken.  Let it burn away the fog so that we can see each other clearly, beyond accents, gender or skin color.

217. Let the llight of the sun be so strong that we will see all people as our neighbors.

218. Let the earth, nourished by rain, bring forth flowers to surround us with beauty

219. Let the mountains teach our hearts to reach upward to heaven.

220. I pray that my grandchildren will love the earth ---colors, smells, --and it will bring them the peace that it does to me.Thank you God for our earth.

221. When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

222. Thank you, in faith I pray, for the wisdom and discoveries that we do not yet see. For the answers that will keep our earth in good health and full of Your creative force. Amen.

223. For prayerful hearts that trust that good thoughts and intentions will lead to good words and actions that will lead to heaven on earth. Amen.

224. I pray that more people wake up to what is going happening to our Mother Earth and receive the wisdom to positively change their own habits to create a cleaner world for our future.

225. Lord, help us to be good stewards of all the beauty and wonder you have blessed us with.

226. Lord, Please grace our mountains, trees and meadows with the beauty of your nourishing snow and rain from the heavens.

227. Light from the planet Venus, soon to set, Be with us.  Light, pure and round, without heat or shadow, Held in the cirrus sky, at evening:  Accompany what we do.

228. I hear a voice, the cry of a wounded animal, Someone shoots an arrow at the moon, A small bird has fallen from the nest.  People must be awakened, Witness must be given, So that life can be guarded.

229. O God, scatterer of ignorance and darkness, grant me your strength  May all beings regard me with the eye of a friend, and I all beings!  With the eye of a friend may each single being regard all others!

230. The high, the low of all creation, God gives to humankind to use.  If this privilege is misused, God's Justice permits creation to punish humanity.

231. As dusk falls and light fades, may all wild animals find the cover and warmth they need.

232. Think how much more sustainably we could live if we focused on Mindfulness!

233. The sky turned grey and the ground stank. The rivers bubbled and the stars were hard to see.The air was sour and the trees were not green.Where do we turn?How do we go back?We turn to God and ask....forgiveness,wisdom,ability to change.amen.

234. Oh God, don't stop sending forth your manifestation. Keep revealing YOU. And it is good.

235. Thank you for the sounds of being.Sweet bird chirp, swishhhhhh of wind, crack of thunder, girgle of streams, deep vibration of ocean waves, rumble of earthquake, roars of wild beasts, silence and whispers...and symphonies of the jungles. Thank you.

236. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise God all creatures here below.  Praise God above ye heavenly hosts.  Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen

237. Our Creator,Who is becoming always,Holy you are.Your creation comes,You will what is,Through out the universe.You give us all that is,And love us all along,As we learn to respect all that is.May we not turn from you,But glorify you.For you are you and we are all one. amen.

238. E-Each day is a new beginning,A-Always you surprise us with your love,R-Reaching out to hold us up,T-Through the delivery from the chaos to...H-Home.

239. Our future rests on our being able to take care of our kids and teach them to take care of the land, how to nourish themselves, and how to gather at the table.  That is where our culture is passed on to the next generation.

240. The Bible affirms the goodness and intrinsic value of all living things; and it contains the mandate that we treat the natural world with care and respect.

241. I think it is the food.  So much beauty and energy passes through each grain of rice and each leaf of kale.  It makes you feel like a conduit for the life force.

242. A prayer for wildlife whose habitat is destroyed because of human development:  We grieve that you are dying on our account.  We pray that your passing will be swift and peaceful.  We pray that grace will abound on the other side.  We promise that your death will not go un-mourned.  In your memory we will work toward harmony.

243. Thank You God for the gifts I have already received from your creation this day. Because the creation is yours, and you love it, help me love it more dearly.  AMEN

244. May we greet the goodness of Godin everyone we meet in every place  we go this day.AMEN

245. You are with me, Godand with all that livesnot only in the lean hours of the nightnor the rush of new morningbut now and throughout the day Thank you.

246. You are with me, Godand with all that livesnot only in the lean hours of the nightnor the rush of new morningbut now and thourout the day Thank you.

247. Christ in all thingsrestore our sensesand give us againthat experience of joyin all created things.  AMEN

248. Yours the morning, O God,yours, the afternoon.As I make my pilgrimage through the dayreawaken me to your presnece,your wisdom, your wonders. AMEN

249. Shine in our darkness, O God,as the moon brightens the wayfor mortals and animals.As day turns into night, turn away from us all evil and harmwith the power of your Son, Jesus Christ.A strong savior is he, for ever and ever. AMEN

250. God bless the earth that is beneath usThe sky that lies before usYour image deep within us. AMEN

251. May I join you today in caring for your creation,embracing my role within the family of life. AMEN

252. In your breathing,in your sleeping,in your dreaming,may the breath of GodFill you, body and soul AMEN

253. Set me free, O God,from my empire,prisonof human self-importance,Help me to serve you and your creationwith energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.AMEN

254. Create in me a clean heart, O God,and put a new and right spirit within me.Do not cast me away from your presince,and do not take your holy spirit from me. AMEN

255. May the God who dances in creation,who embraces us with human love,who shakes our lives like thumder.bless us and drive us out with powerto fill the world with her justice. AMEN

256. May the risen Christwho fills all creationwith his glory and gracefill you tonight with his peace.  AMEN

257. May God's own goodnessand the goodness of God's creationfill you with so much joythat you cannot keep from singing.  AMEN

258. May the Lord, who is our peace,give us peace at all times and in every way. AMEN

259. Today, tonightGod's purpose in evry stage,every step, every lifeGod's praise on every tongue,every ear, every prayer, and in every dream. AMEN

260. We are so appreciative for the opportunity to enjoy and basque in the beauty of your creation.

261. We are so grateful to feel your presence God, and sense the fragrance of your love which surrounds us in community and in the world.

262. We thank you Holy Spirit for being a sustaining, supporting and guiding force in our lives.  May we be open to that spirit as we relate lovingly, tenderly and unselfishly to all people amd all of creation.god's creation.

263. May we be ever so aware of our responsibilities to the earth as we live and work and serve in our various community settings.

264. Great God of the Universe, Help us to remember that you created this earth for us to share.  We can make it more beautiful for each other by the lives we lead while we are here.  May we resolve to become a better steward of our world.  Amen

265. Gracious God, May we never forget the earth and all that is in it belongs to you.

266. Gracious God,  May we resolve to be responsible stewards of our resources so your influence may be felt by future generations.

267. Om Namo ArihantanamOm Namo SiddhanamOm Namo AyrianamOm Namo UvvajhhayanamOm Namo Loye Savva SahunamEso Panch NamokkaroSavva Pavva PanasanoMangalanach SavvesimPadhhamam Havai Mangalam

268. Grant our children the knowdelge and faith to know that this ground is holy ground, not because of its material wealth, rather because God has blessed it for His purposes.

269. My wish is for open spaces to be valued and preserved.

270. Loving God,Cover our heavens with clouds and prepare the earth for rain;Make the grass to grow upon the mountains;Provide food and shelter for the birds of the airand the creatures of the sea and the land.In your loving wisdom create in us hearts that desirehealing rather that dominating,enjoying rather than using,and giving rather than taking.Gives us minds to make healthy choices for our good and the good of our earth, our home.

271. Let's pray that someday all cats and dogs will have homes where they are warm, well-fed, and unconditionally loved.

272. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

273. Praise for autumn--golden leaves, cold air, and a dusting of snow on the Peaks!

274. I pray that my children will always be as awestruck by nature as they are at this point in their lives.  I pray that we will safeguard our planet so that it will still be as awe-inspiring.

275. I am truly grateful that my community has such compassionate leaders when it comes to our environment and pray that everyone, everywhere was good stewards of the earth in leadership positions.

276. Dear God, Please help us take care of our world.  Help us not cut down so many tree     Love Arianne     (first grade)

277. Dear God,   Help all the animals on the endangered list and every one in the hospital that are going to die.     From, Joseph     (5th grade)

278. Dear God,     Please take care of our World.  Help us not cut down so many tree.Love, Riley     (5th grade)

279. I pray for all our resources that they don't run out.Love, Lauren     (5th grade)

280. With the rising of the sunlet us seek to know God,whose coming is as sure as dawn,whose grace is like rain,renewing the face of the earth.  AMEN (BASED ON HOSEA 6:3

281. Come, Lord, and tarry notCome for creation groans.Impatient of Thy stayWorn oout with these long years of ill.These ages of delay.Come and make all things new;Build up this ruined earth;Restore our faded Paradise,Creation's second birth.

282. You, the source of inspiration.  You the beauty bring.  Yours, the power in creation.  Yours, the praise we sing.  (Jim Burklo) Save our Earth.

283. Fire who burns inside the mountain.  Earth who feeds the trees.  Sea who sprays up like a fountain.  Wind who sighs the leaves.  (Jim Burklo)  All are part of Earth and part of God.

284. I pray for the white tiger because they are a really rare species.

285. I pray for the oceans of the world that they don't get all the way polluted otherwise all the ocean creatures will die. (5th grade)

286. Dear God,  I pray for the polar bears so they don't die. (1st grade)

287. I pray for all the things in the ocean  I pray for the poler bare. (1st grade)

288. I pray for the flowers.Love, Katrina (1st Grade)

289. Dear Lord,  I pray for the dogs.

290. Dear Lord,   please Help the polar bears! Love, Sophia 1st grade


Dear God helpthese pamndas Amen. (1st grade)

292. I pray for The polar Bears From Raegan I love polar Bears

293. I pray for the polar bears that they won't be extinctLove, Sam 5th grade

294. Dear God,   Help all endangerd animals not go extinct. Peter

295. I pray for the whole world, animals and every one

296. I pray for the rainforest and all the trees that everybody will be mindful and stop wasting them.  I would also pray for all the people that cut them down that they will realize to stop.

297. I will take care of the polar bear.


San Francisco Peaks Great Spirit:  Guide the humans that live around my mountain to have hearts of compassion for all that you have created.  Amen

299. Dear God,  I prey for the polar bears so they won't become extinct and will get off the endangered list and won't go on the extinct list either.

300. I pray for the animals that they won't go extinct.

301. I pray for the polar bears.

302. Dear God,   I would like to pray for the pandas.Love, Jace 1st grade

303. I pray to God that he can make lif for the polar bears.

304. I pray for the trees.  I  pray for all the people that live in Africa that they can get cleaner water to drink. Maddie 5th grade

305. I pray for the rainforest that we will stop cutting it down.From, Felicia 5th grade

306. Dear God,  I pray for the polar bears and all the endangered animals. Love, Jack 5th grade

307. Dear God,   I want to pray four all the animals and trees Love, Jared 5th grade

308. Dear God,   I want to pray for the birds. Love, Joe (1st grade)

309. I pray Penguins.  Dear God I pray Polar bears. Sean 1st grade

310. Dear God,  I would like you to save polar bears and nature. Love, Brandon 5th grade

311. Lord, give us wisdom and strength to halt the destruction and degradation of this our home and to preserve our Earth for future generations.

312. please let us wake up and take care of this earth, the waters and the sky which keeps us all alive and well.

313. Touch our hearts that we may truly care about saving the home that you provided us.

314. Make us aware that even the smallest steps to bring about change in our habits can bring about the larger change that may save our Earth.

315. I pray my kids will inherit an earth as beautiful as the one I have enjoyed.

316. I prayerfully thank God for the energy and excitement so many have for a combined effort tomorrow for the best for the earth. May the thousands that gather and pray and work for 350 make a difference in this world. amen.

317. Thank you, God the evening darkness. The shroud that brings us to rest and sleep and quiet and, hopefully, peace. Bless us all this night. Amen.

318. For green,for blue,for white, light, bright.I pray for the purity of healthy, creative colors.

319. Love

320. Lord,Hear our prayers...  when we are silent instead of speaking up...  when we are afraid instead of praiseful...  when we are hurtful instead of helful...  mostly, Lord, help us to listen to You and silence ourselves instead of talking, just to hear ourselves talk.  Only You can speak creation into being...  we tend to speak, with our thoughts and our actions, and create nothing but pollution.  Help us to remember that caring for Your creation is but one way we can worship You.  Amen

321. I pray for the people of the Earth that they may care for the air they breathe by car pooling and that they may spend time converting their cars from fossil fuels to carbon. 8th grade

322. I pray for the oceans that they are no longer polluted.

323. I pray for the animals who get stuck in the oil spills people make.

324. I pray for people to not let water be running when they wash their teeth and for clean air.

325. I pray for peole to respect the environment more by recycling and not dumping wastes. 7th grade

326. Dear God,  I pray that you give people the Idea to help the environment like car pooling, saving water and not smoking. 7th grade

327. I pray that people soon understand that there is only one earth.Justin, 8th grade
328. I pray that people recycle more and that they don't use so many fossil fuels.  I also pray that the Earth heals itself from air and water pollution and that we amend our polluting ways. 8th grade

329. I pray for the people on Earth that they may care for it and respect it to keep it green. 7th grade

330. I hope that everyone takes into consideration living greener by recycling absolutely anything and using a renewable resource.

331. I pray for those who carpool, that they realize their having fun and also saving the earth.

332. I pray for our community that they can be more mindful of what can be recycled and recycle it. 8th grade

333. I pray that every human on Planet Earth can help out on the resources of the earth.

334. I pray for our community, that we may do more to help the environment.  That we may use water more efficiently and recycle as much as we can.  For our wold leaders that they may all join toether to help our one world.

335. I pray that people will start recycling to save our earth!

336. Dear God,  Thank you for all the wonderful things that you have given us, and let all of our political leaders help save the things you have made.

337. I pray that this country can become more eco-friendly and find ways to heal the earth. 7th grade

338. I pray that the rainforest does not get cut down.

339. I would like to pray for the car makers that they make fuel efficient cars.

340. I pray that we can recycle more and stop making landfills.

341. I pray that all the nation can come together and have peace with one another.

342. I pray that scientists may find the most healthy way to solve the problem of Global Warming.

343. I pray for world peace and dignity can be restored. 7th grade

344. I pray that the people on Earth can not waste our resources and learn to respect them. 7th grade

345. I pray for everyone and the Earth that they may be healthy and safe and that we take care of our earth so we can live. 7th grade

346. I pray that the Artic can stop melting and the animals could be safe!

347. I pray that people can recycle more instead of throwing things away.

348. I pray that our world leaders will help us learn to conserve water. 8th grade

349. I pray that all the world leaders can keep peace and not ruin our economy.

350. Lord, please help the world to take better care of our earth, by being more conscious about wasting water and electricity.

351. I pray for our community to be an example for the rest of the world and encourage recycling and decreasing pollution. 8th grade

352. I pray for all the nations of the world may get along and have no more wars. 7th grade

353. I pray that people recycle and resuse whatever they can.3rd grade

354. Dear Lord,  I pray that people stop pollooting because you gave us this planet and we haf to take care of it because it is our gift from you.   amen, 3rd grade

355. Dear God,  I wish the world would stop littering.

356. Dear Lord,  I pray that people stop cutting down the trees and stop wasting paper and recycle paper.  amen 3rd grade

357. Dear Lord,  I hope that people stop littering and realize waht there doing to the earth.  amen

358. Dear Lord,  I pray that people will stop cutting down trees in the rainforest.

359. Dear Lord,   Please help the people stop making noise palootion because we mighjt not be able to hear.  Thank you for the world.  I will try to resue the recycle stuff.  amen. 3rd grade

360. Dear Lord,  Thank you for our wonder planet.  I pray that the people in Australia stop cutting down trees because the koola bears are going into the city and people's houses because they have no place to go. 3rd grade

361. Dear God,  I hope people stop littering and stop throwing trash in the water.

362. Dear Lord,  I pray that people stop cutting down trees because animals are losing their homes.  The trees help the air.  I'm on my knees please save the trees.  I hope people don't waiste paper and use both sides of paper.  Trees make the earth really beautiful.  Thank you God for the wonderful planet.Ty, 3rd grade

363. Dear Lord,  I pray that people stop polluting our airs and oceans.  Thank you Lord amen.

364. Dear Lord,  Please help people to stop using styrofoam and to help the world have peace.  I know you can do this.  amenLove, Mia, 3rd grade

365. Dear Lord,  I pray for all the animals that they find a home because people keep cutting down trees and some animals are dieing.  Amen. 3rd grade

366. Dear Lord,  We should use both sides of paper and not cut down so many trees.  I also pray for people to stop littering. Thank you.  Amen.Always, Lexi, 3rd grade

367. Dear Lord,  I pray that the trees stop being cut down.  All the animals are losing their homes and they will be in the city soon.  Thank you Lord.

368. Dear Lord,  Please help animals find shelter and that animals don't die.  Amen, 3rd grade

369. Dear Lord,  I pray that people stop littering.

370. Dear Lord,  I hope we stop cutting down trees and useing both sides of papers.  Thank you Lord for giving us this beautiful world.

371. Dear Lord,  I pray for the animals that are being extinct because people are cutting down the trees.  The animals who have to run away have to find a new home like the squirrels the chipmunks and the racoons.  Please help the people notice what they are doing and to stop doing it.  Amen, 3rd grade

372. Law of Love   Ths is my commandment:  Love one another as I Love you! U R Loved, SFDA 2nd grade

373. This is my commandment:  love one another as I have loved you. U R Loved, Sierra, 2nd grade, LOVE

374. Law of Love     This is my commandment.  Love one another as I have loved you!    John 15:12, Love, Andrew 2nd grade

375. I pray that people will stop litter so our earth can be cleaner. 4th grade

376. I pray that the people on earth will take care of the earth.Love, Samantha, 4th grade

377. I pray that people will stop trashing the earth. From Callum

378. I pray that there is np global warming.

379. I pray that they stop cutting down the trees in the rain forest and I pray for the water that they would stop poluting.

380. I pray for people stop litering and for no more globle warming.

381. I wish people would stop littering and recycle.Love, Marthus

382. I pray that people don't litter or polute.  That they save water.

383. I pray for the people that are hungry so they find food.

384. I pray for the homeless people and that people will not waste water.

385. I pray that people recycle more and stop factories.

386. I pray that they stop cutting down the rainforest and people start taking 2 min. showers. Love, Maddy 4th grade

387. prayer_request: I pray for the earth.  I pray for the rainforest that they stop cutting it down. by Faith

388. I pray that people stop cutting down trees.

389. I pray that people will recycle. by Jack
390. I pray for the homeless people that they may get better soon

391. I pray that we may learn to use our resources properly so all people have what they need to live with human dignity. Mrs. Corcoran, 6th grade teacher

392. I pray that people realize that Globle Warming is possible to happen if we don't take care of the world and pray that people will take a stand. Thank you, your friend Jake, 6th grade

393. Dear God,  I pray for the peace and renewal of this world.  I also hope and pray that all people can learn to take care of our resources, instead of wasting them.TJ

394. Lord, God, please help us to help the environment you created.John

395. Dear God,  I pray that the world will have all its needs and that all people will conserve its resources.  I will recycle and will love all the worlds natural resources. 6th grade

396. Dear God,  I pray for the world that humans can continue to recycle and help take care of our world.  I also pray that someday humans can stop fighting and peace will be made.Kirsten B., 6th grade

397. Dear God,  I pray for the peace and renewal of this world.  I also pray that all people can learn to take care of our animals and resources, instead of wasting them.Kate, 6th grade

398. Dear God,  I pray for a clean environment, peace, no more global warming and no more wasting materials, instead do the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycel) Love, Granban, 6th grade

399. Dear God,  I pray that all the people around the world will find faith and happiness and also in thanksgiving for this amazing planet. Catie

400. Dear God,  I pray for all people to come to peace, and that they find happiness.  I also pray that all animals have comfort in homes.Love, Kennedy, 6th grade

401. I pray that people can stop polluting our air and throwing recyclable items away.  That is my prayer for the world., Tanner

402. I pray that people start to recycle. from, Jakey

403. I pray that people will realize that global warming is possible to happen.  I also pray that people will take a stand.

404. I pray that there will be no more fighting in the world and that one day that the world would have no litter. Kasey

405. I pray that people recycle and stop polluting.Love, Zach

406. I pray for our world to be clean one day with no more litter.  All the waste where it is supposed to be. Mitch

407. I pray that more people recycle and that we can stop global warming and also build our earth back together. Nick, 6th grade

408. We pray for the polar bears that they will have hunting grounds for their young.

409. I pray for all the wild animals on earth, that we may help mitigate the effects of climate change for those without a voice.

410. Beloved God (Baba), please help all those involved in this 350 Interfaith Prayer to come closer to you through all that you give them to experience, and please help them to feel your Love, and your Peace, and your Grace and your Presence in their lives more and more. Amen.

411. The Sun Does Rise The Sun Does Set. Let These Times Not Be Regrets. We Must save this planet as we would save our own. If We Fail Mother Earth We all Lose Our Home. Mother is Crying Whentever it rains. Please Please we must stop this pain.

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